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Unplugged ceremony and why?

Unplugged Ceremony at the Barn on the ridge. Groom saying his vows into the microphone and the bride laughing.

In today’s digital age we are heavily reliant on technology which makes it far to easy to get caught up capturing every moment on our devices. When it comes to to your wedding ceremony I highly recommend you consider an unplugged ceremony. An unplugged ceremony can bring a whole new level of connection and intimacy into your ceremony. In this blog I will explain to you what an unplugged ceremony is, why you should consider having one and how it will affect your wedding day. Let’s dive in and discover the magic of being present!

What is an unplugged ceremony?

First of all you might be thinking what is an unplugged ceremony? You may have heard the term before but not sure what it means. This is when the couple ask you not to take any photos or videos during their ceremony. You can tell your celebrant that you would like them to specify this at the start of the ceremony. This is when they can also remind your guests not to post anything with the couple on social media until the couple themselves have had a chance to do so.

All photographs above taken at Justin & Sams wedding at Ravensthorpe in Albion Park

Why you should have a unplugged ceremony

1. Live in the moment. By requesting an unplugged ceremony, you invite your guests to fully immerse themselves in the present moment. Instead of watching the whole ceremony through a screen and focussing on capturing the perfect shot, your guests can witness your vows first hand. Making them unplug allows them to appreciate the genuine emotions, the heartfelt words, and the beauty of the occasion without any distractions.

2. Avoid Visual Distractions. I want you to imagine walking down the aisle and seeing nothing but a sea of phones being held up. Imagine exchanging vows against a backdrop of beaming smiles rather than a sea of phones. An unplugged ceremony creates an atmosphere where your loved ones can be truly involved. They can absorb the love and significance of the moment and your photos will reflect that.

3. Let the pros do their thing. Hiring professional photographers and videographers ensures that every cherished moment is captured. However, these days guests think that their phone photo is going to have more significance then the pros. You have no doubt paid a lot of money to have them there so why not let them do their job without the distractions or the guests getting in there shots. Trust me thus happens! I had a wedding many years ago where the aunty of the bride stood at the front of the aisle with a bright pink phone case and ruined a beautiful moment at the start of the ceremony. IT HAPPENS! So you can avoid that by having an unplugged ceremony

4. Encourage Presence. By requesting an unplugged ceremony, you encourage your guests to practice presence. They will have to let go of external distractions and fully embrace the joyous occasion unfolding before them. This is an act of disconnecting from technology which creates a space of reflection, gratitude and the opportunity to be in the moment.

Left photo Terrara Riverside gardens. Right photo Ravensthorpe.

Have I influenced you?

Having an unplugged ceremony invites you and your guests to disconnect from the digital world and I know it sounds cheesy but it allows you to be in the moment. Let the beauty of your ceremony unfold without the distractions of screens, allowing everyone to witness, experience, and fully participate in your love story. Embrace the power of being present and let your wedding day be a celebration of love, connection, and cherished memories.

I hope this blog has inspired you to consider having an unplugged ceremony. For more wedding tips, inspiration, and resources, be sure to visit my website. Wishing you a day filled with love, joy, and beautiful moments!

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