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10 reasons to have an engagement shoot

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Are you ready to take your relationship game to the next level and capture those Insta-worthy moments? Well, look no further because an engagement shoot is exactly what you need! Get ready to dive into the top 10 reasons to have an engagement shoot and why it is an absolute must for all you rad couples out there. I’m about to spill the tea on why this is the ultimate priority on your to-do list. Let’s get this party started!

1. Get to know your photographer, fam

Having an engagement shoot is like chilling with your photographer squad. It’s a chance to vibe, gel, and get on the same wavelength. Consider it a casual hangout where you click (pun intended) with your personal paparazzi and form that unbeatable dream team.

2. Test run for the big day? Heck Yes!

Think of your engagement shoot as the ultimate dress rehearsal for your wedding day. It’s like practicing your signature moves before hitting the dance floor. Get comfy in front of the camera, work those angles, and show the world your A-game.

3. Show Off Your Love Story, Hashtag Relationship Goals

Your engagement shoot is all about flexing that #couplegoals status. Whether it’s capturing your inside jokes, special moments, or your favorite date spots, these pics will have your followers swooning and hitting that double-tap.

4. Get Creative, Let Your Freak Flag Fly:

Engagement shoots are your chance to break free from the basic and embrace the extraordinary. Rock some killer outfits, strike unique poses, or let’s create an EPIC theme. It’s your time to shine like the stars you are!

5. Relive memories, Throwback Thursday vibes

Imagine scrolling through your memories and only having memories from your wedding day? Nothing from that period when you were engaged to be married? These snaps are like a time machine that transports you back to those blissful moments.

6. Engagement Photos for your save the dates

Are planning to send out save the date cards? Well guess what?! An engagement shoot gives you the Insta-worthy pics you need for those adorable save the date cards. Get ready for your loved ones to RSVP with a whole lot of heart emojis!

Planning to send out save the date cards or announcements? An engagement shoot provides you with stunning photos to use for this purpose. Your loved ones will be thrilled to receive a visual representation of your love and the upcoming celebration.

7. It’s a fun activity to treat like an adventure

Consider your engagement shoot as the ultimate adventure. Explore new locations, strike poses like supermodels, and unleash your inner goofball. It’s all about having a blast and capturing those genuine moments that make your love shine.

engagement photoshoot at Mckenzies lookout. Couple standing on cliff looking over the valley

8. Bonding Experience with Bae, Ride or Die:

The end result of an engagement shoot isn’t only about capturing awesome photographs, or prepping for the big day. It’s also about strengthening your bond with your partner. You get Spend some quality time together with no technology, just the good times laughing and going on an adventure.

9. It’s a great practice run for your hair and makeup.

Treat your engagement shoot is like a trial session for your hair and makeup. You will be able to see how your makeup photographs if you would like to make any changes. With your hair this will help determine if you would want an up-do or down. Think about the wind…. Think about if you are wearing a veil. Test out different looks, slay the camera, and make sure you’re picture-perfect for the big day. Get ready to unleash your inner beauty guru!

10. A sweet keepsake, forever and always

Last but not least, an engagement shoot is a keepsake that will make your hearts skip a beat. These photos are more than just pixels; they’re a symbol of your love, commitment, and the epic journey you’re embarking on together. They are also something to put on the wall other then your wedding photos and not sit on a computer or online gallery.

So, my fabulous lovebirds, strike your fiercest poses, rock those outfits, and let the magic unfold through the lens. It’s time to unleash your inner models and create memories that will leave everyone in awe. Get ready to slay the engagement shoot game like the superstars you are!

Don’t forget if you feel I can help you feel like a rockstar, Book in your engagement shoot with me 😎. Let me know if these 10 reasons to have an engagement shoot helped convinced you!

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I created a reel on Instagram about this topic and asked couples about if they had an engagement shoot to tell me about it!
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  1. Belinda Sobin says:

    I would 100% recommend an engagement shoot prior to your wedding. Kristie is extremely professional whilst also being funny and light hearted and helping you both to feel relaxed and comfortable having someone take your photo. We are so in love with all of our photos and couldn’t recommend Kristie highly enough. It’s made us both so much more excited for the wedding too

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