Show me your bling, girl! I don’t care if it’s a lollipop ring, a burger ring or a hefty rock, I’m saying a big, fat YES to you guys making the whole love fest that bit more “official”. Woop woop!

Or maybe you’re just celebrating a special anniversary, or you just want a couples’ shoot because why the hell not – Whatever the reason, I’m in!

It’s the perfect excuse to get a little fancy with your outfit too – get your hair and makeup done (great way to trial it for your wedding too), wear a flower crown or pull out that cute little number you’ve been saving for a “special occasion”. I’ll be there pumped and ready to capture the authentic, starry-eyed and oh-so-unique connection you’ve found with each other.

Whether you’re dreaming of a shoot on your favourite beach, a secret picnic spot or a little city escape, I’d love to hear your story and mark your new adventure with some epic, third-wheelin’ engagement/ couples’ photography.

Saying YES! to the next level of love














A celebration of your journey, starting from $650 

+ Photography Session

1 -2 hour photography session with me at a location of your choosing. I can help with a location

+ 30 High-resolution images

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size.

+ 30 Low-Resolution Images

+ Online Gallery

Sized and ready for sharing across your social media channels.

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime.


   Location – Forget about what you’ve seen on Pinterest or Insta, think about which spot best represents the two of you. Beachy, bushy or first date throwback, choose a location that lets your unique dynamic shine! If you’re unsure, I have heaps of awesome locations that I can recommend.

tips for your session

     Be yourselves – Honestly, it’s not going to be awkward AT ALL. Please, I beg you, be authentic to who you are. Whether that’s constant roasting or being mushy, I’ll make sure that you feel 100% chill. I’ll probably be in the background making a stupid noise or getting my hair caught in the bushes.

      Have fun – I’m a damn good photographer, but I’m not a wizard (one can wish though). The best photos are ones where you’re both being playful and natural. Treat it like an adventure - climb a tree, jump in the water, play fight, start skipping randomly…free the big kid in you!



     Clothing – Pick an outfit that you feel most comfortable in (no, not your PJs or snuggie) and have fun with a splash of colour! You’re more than welcome to plan your outfits and send me a sneak peek for some feedback.



So you and your lover can feel amazeballs

Previous experiences 

your SOUL





Words from all lovers


“I highly recommend Kristie for all kinds of special photography occasions.
She did an Engagement photoshoot for me and my fiance. Kristie is so professional, relaxed and such a sweet, kind person who knows how to make a photoshoot fun. She did a great job including our furbaby lexi into the shoot and did an outstanding job on our photos. I couldn't be any happier with how our photos turned out.
Kristie will definitely be joining us at our Wedding..”

Transforming photographic moments into everlasting memories, they’re there to be touched, held and cherished. To be felt in your hands, not just flicked through on a digital screen. 

A stunning heirloom in the making, your fine art album will make those gorgeous memories tangible for a lifetime. Imagine having these moments of say your first ever photoshoot as a couple in an album to look back on after your wedding day. 

Printed on beautiful fine art matte paper, my custom portrait books are creased down the centre of the page ensuring a layflat design that provides an uninterrupted view of each album spread. 

Crafted to your liking, the portrait album can be covered in textured Asahi, linen or book cloths, and includes personalised embossing on the front cover. 

Portrait albums starting from $850 

Portrait albums

Memories lovingly handcrafted for you 

Just for you, you can add on a slide show of your amazing shoot, The slideshows are just like a short film. such a great idea to share it with your family and friends to enjoy your experience with you. 

Slide show add-on $250


Imagine a short film of your shoot

Other Services

To know that you’ve met the soul you want to spend eternity with is wildly magical. Whether you’re kindy sweethearts or a Tinder success story, how awesome is it to love and be loved?!

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a tiny, intimate wedding or going all out with the biggest bash of the century, I would absolutely LOVE to third wheel your day as your wedding photographer. I know I haven’t met you yet, but daaaaaammnnn, I’m getting excited!!!!

From getting ready in the early morning hours with your squad to slow dancing under the stars, I’ll be there to capture all the blissed up, goofy-smiles and teary-eyed moments for you to ooh and ahh over for years to come.

Two lovebirds, one legendary romance

Whether you’re a family of 2 or a troop of 20, family photography is priceless. Through life’s up and downs, you stick together, you rise together.

So, let’s capture that unbreakable bond. On a beach, in the woods, or wherever your happy place is, we’ll create some everlasting family memories together. We will have “OMG I can’t breathe” fits of laughter, and my aim is for you to leave with sore laughed-too-much tummies.

You know you’ll appreciate these family photos once the kids start going through those dreaded rebellious years…you know what I’m talking about!

family Photography 

Through thick and thin

The studio is a safe, gorgeous space where you can celebrate a whole new kind of love. A love that knows no bounds, a love that’s sacred to you and your newborn bub.

Capturing the adorable squishiness that we all want to last forever; I’ll make sure we turn this special moment into forever lasting memories. Because before you know it, you’re trying not to cry as you drop them off for their first day at school.

studio photography

Capturing a whole new love

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey. 

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